Meet the Team

Global Team

Francis Wiederkehr

Sub-Saharan Africa Cluster Purchases Leader, based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Francis has 13 years of experience with P&G in Purchases across materials and services. He is currently in charge of the Purchases organization supporting P&G's businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa. Francis is working with Ahmed Moola, Senior Purchasing Manager South African Logistics Purchases, and the South African Communications team to establish a South Africa Preferential Procurement Strategy. The aim of this strategy is to coordinate the sourcing activities for South Africa such that they fully integrate vendor diversity to deliver superior business results while increasing our preferential procurement score, allowing P&G to remain a preferred supplier to our customers and consumers. Next to this Francis is also exploring the opportunities that Women Owned Enterprises could bring to P&G in Nigeria.

Amina Chami

Brand & Business Services - The Store - Prestige Semi & Perm Displays and Premiums Buyer

Amina has 5 years of experience with P&G, currently in BBS and previously in Chemicals Purchasing. Amina is part of the core team of the PS Geneva Women Network. She joined the P&G Supplier Diversity Team in 2015 and is supporting further the implementation of the program in the EIMEA region.

Jamila Belabidi

Purchases Group Manager, Global Communications and Entertainment Sourcing

Jamila has 13 years with P&G, 90% of her time in Direct (Packaging and Chemicals). She recently moved to Indirect, discovering one of her favorite roles in BBS dealing with Communications, Celebrities, Brand Entertainment in general. She is an engineer with logistics master and a married Mum of 3 daughters (9, 6, 3). Jamila has a passion for Innovation, People, and Learning/developing herself & others.

Vince Huang

Purchasing Group Manager, global toothbrush ESS, PacHy ESS Purchases

Vince has been in P&G Purchases for 10 years with majority experience in rigid, printed packaging material sourcing and Baby/Fem Care Hygiene material sourcing. He is now responsible for global manual toothbrush external solution and supply sourcing. Based in Asia, Vince will focus on driving awareness of the supplier diversity program in the region and link the program to regional business strategy.